Toy Master

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108x108 Aspect Ratio, 6 Animations + 1 Skill, 33 Frames
Ent Pixel Art, 128x128 Ratio, 7 animations
64x64 Ratio; 8 Animations + 1 effect; 52 frames
16x16 Tileset + Background + Enemy
Simple Enemies, 32x32 Ratio
64X64 Ratio, 10 Animations, 61 Frames.
32x32 Demon Hand. 7 Animations. 28 Frames.
32x32 Ratio mimic and chest.
3 Angel 32x32 Medium size.
64 ratio scary figure. 4 animations.
Sexy and dangerous Gorgon Archer
48x48 resolution enemies
​This slim friend easily loses his head.
A pixel art hot pirate with 8 smooth animations: She trots, rolls and kills.
Not only a man, but also a pig. All he wants is to devour player meat!