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it's supposed to be a jellyfish, right?  an attack that simulates petrifying would be necessary.

Hahahaha Sure. You are completely right. I'll take care of that! Sorry, but I don't understand what you mean by "it's supposed to be a jellyfish".

The animation looks like a jellyfish from Greek mythology, so it seems to me that it should have the animation of petrify xD. I liked the art and I plan to use it as a boss for my game.

Ooh, yes, yes hahaha. I am Brazilian, and here "Jellyfish" is called "Medusa". I will do the petrification animation as soon as I finish a current job.

that is excellent :)

Gorgon updated. Now petrifying everything and everyone.

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Hey, can these be used commercially?

Yes, no problem

Thx for the reply, I already got the assets. They all look really great, but I think I like the pigman the most. There's just something... unsettling about him. Looking forward to seeing more of your work here :).

Cool asset, a bit large for my project and the palette had too many similar colors IMO but it definitely looks/feels original and good quality.

Sorry for the delay of 6 months to answer, but I'm relatively new to this thing hahaha. And thank you very much for the tip of the pallet. I made a point of changing and studying further thanks to your comment.